Last year was a major transformation of my golf game. At age where my body is no longer capable of what my head remembered, from just a few years, how to play the game. Last year showed distance noticeably reduced, golf swing much shorter and handicaps on the rise. Accepting these changes was tough but realizing and adapting to these changes has made me a better golfer.

Here are some of the changes made or are working on:

  • Pregame warm up. Stretching and loosing body, especially legs and back. We must be ready to score right away and not wait for a few holes (if ever) for our bodies to loosen up.
  • Instead of driving the as far as possible, driving it to the best location for the next shot. Transition to more of the thinking game vs a power game.
  • Focusing on improving short game (100 yards in) and putting. Practice, practice, practice! Work of pitching and chipping. Know the differences, and when to use one vs the other. Putt, putt, putt! Eliminate as many 3 putts and missing putts within 3 feet of the hole.

Its funny, by loosing distance it forces one back to the basics. Basics is where the game of golf should be played. Get the ball in the hole in the least numbers of strokes. Its not how far you can hit it, but the number of stokes needed to get the ball in the hole.