When someone tells you to keep your head down while playing golf. Do not listen to them for several reasons; 1st because it will force you to start thinking which will affect your round of golf. 2nd it is the result of a problem not the solution. 3rd If it is during any tournament giving advice is not allowed by the rules of golf.

Now that you are or will be at a driving range, think tails not heads. Start with taking your stance. Let your tail hang out to balance your upper body. Weight should be balanced on your feet with a slight bend in the knees. After you have taken your stance to the golf ball, parallel to intended ball flight, rotate your body right (if right handed) so you could shake someone’s hand with your back to target. When you finish the swing rotation you should be facing the target and be able to shack someone’s hand.

Now that you are or will be at a driving range, think tails not heads. The key is to keep you tail stable while rotating on you hips.

We have two tendencies during the swing. 1st tendencies is powering back beyond a stable swing. This causes the tail to move in and head moves up throwing off your swing.

2nd tendencies is to try to help the swing and power down towards the ball. This causes the tail to move out and the head moves down throwing off your swing.

Both cases cause a change in the swing plane causing the ball not to due what you though it would.

To me, it is much easier to concentrate on keeping the tail stable during the swing than thinking about head movements. Big step forward: do not over swing or over power your swing. Remember you bought those clubs to do a job let them do it, your score will improve.