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This Section has been added to offer some golf coaching ideas that may save a few strokes.

We will be looking for the fun and different situations arise while playing golf courses throughout New England. 

2020 World Handicap Replaces Ghin

Set to launch in January 2020, the World Handicap System (WHS) aims to bring six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules for Handicapping, enabling golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or...

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Pace of Play

Here is a simple trick to safe between 10 and 20 minutes per round of golf.When you exit the green you have just played, keep you clubs in your hand and do not mark down your score. When you arrive at the next tee you will have plenty of time to put your clubs away...

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2019 Golf Rule Changes

Major 2019 USGA Rule Changes Rules of Golf for 2019 Rules of Golf 2019, are more user-friendly, more understandable and more consistent.

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Fun Connecticut Golf Courses

Pat Pierson recommends the following courses If you’ll allow me…..a few recommendations in Connecticut. Chanticlair in Colchester (REG 2) is a fun little 9-hole course with an island green that requires just the right club or ‘splash’! Elmridge in Pawcatuck (REG 2)...

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Making golf club selection

  In reality, we typically do not hit a club as far as we think we do. How often on the shot to the green do we come up short? Ball distance is the result of many factors. In the spring, when the weather is cooler, the ball does not go as far as in the heat of...

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Starting the golf season

There are common emotions of the new golfer, just starting the game and an experienced golfer, playing the first few rounds of the golf season. Common emotions are: anticipation, excitement, fear, frustration and embarrassment. First of the season golf rounds are not...

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Heads or Tails

When someone tells you to keep your head down while playing golf. Do not listen to them for several reasons; 1st because it will force you to start thinking which will affect your round of golf. 2nd it is the result of a problem not the solution. 3rd If it is during...

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