Here is an interesting approach to the typical “practice round” before the big game. A lot of amateur just play a practice round as a round of golf with maybe take some notes. More experience amateur players spent most of their time on the greens. They are trying to get a sense of the speed of the greens, though the tournament speed may not even be close. They try to find clues as to where the pin placement will be for each day of the tournament. Then they get a feel as to the best approach to those pins.

All the above is good if it helps you get a feel for the golf course to be played. However, here is an approach that could help with your score and maybe move up the leader board.

PLAY IT BACKWARDS. The last 3 or 4 holes can make or break how you score. First you really do not want to mess up toward the end of the round and second it would be very helpful if you knew where you could take a chance and come on strong.

Here is the approach to paying it backwards. Get to the course very early or as late as possible so as not to bother players of the course. Start at the 18th green. Scope out the green as described, check out the bunkers as related to the green and probable pin locations and the challenges the bunkers may cause.
Based on the length of the hole, look for the best approach location to the green. Base this on your comfort level for that distance. Go to that location and evaluate your choice to the approach to the green, how easy it to get to from you tee shot or last shot, and how forgiving is your selected landing area. If all is good, mark it down and go to the 17th green and continue the process.

Good luck and play well!